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Rules Of Survival Hack – Gold and Diamonds Cheats 2019

‘Rules of Survival’ is an amazing action packed survival game, which is developed by NetEase. The game is available on both Android and iOS pocket platforms. The best feature of the game is that you can download and play for free on both the platforms and that we have a fully working Rules Of Survival Hack.



In this game, you are one of the 120 players who are unarmed and stranded on an island. Among them, you are the last man who is standing there. The game has lots of different elements, which will always keep you hooked to it, and also ensure that you are never bored playing the game.

The gameplay of ‘Rules of Survival’ is extremely unique as it puts you against 120 real time opponents. The only way you can survive in this island is that you have to be the last man standing there. You can either play alone as a lone wolf or as a team with a maximum of four members.

Hunt or being hunted is the motto of the game, so if you don’t kill you will be killed! You can choose to walk and uncover the vast environment or you can drive and cover the distance.

There is only one rule of the game, which is to survive! You can uncover new safe zones and discover weapons to aid you in your mission for survival. The game has a vast 3D environment, which has lots of secrets that can be really helpful for survival, so make sure you lay your hands on them before others do.

Rules of Survival has become one of the most popular and widely played game across both the platforms and there are numerous reasons that have contributed to the popularity of the game, that’s why we also worked hard to create fully working Rules Of Survival Cheats.


Gold is the primary game currency, which can be used to customize your playable character in the game. You can earn them by completing various levels in the game. The amount of Gold that you receive as reward will entirely depend on your performance in the battle. The amount of Gold that you earn is limited so you can make use of Rules Of Survival hack 2019 to generate unlimited in-game currencies.


Diamonds are the premium game currency, which are used to purchase customizations for your playable characters. You can also use Diamonds if you have fewer amounts of Coins with you, as it also acts as an alternate currency. You can purchase Coins and Diamonds by using real money, but it doesn’t have any significant impact on the gameplay. The Coins and Diamonds can be only used to customize your playable characters; however, your survival in the game still depends on your skills. This currency can also be generated with Rules Of Survival Hack.

Free To Play:

You can download and play the game on both Android and iOS platforms for free. You just need to have a compatible Android or an iOS device to run the game. This feature has induced both casual gamers and professional gamers into trying out this game.

Easy Controls:

The control configurations in the game are pretty simple, as you can control all action by just clicking or sliding through the game screen. This feature makes the game more suitable to users of all age group, including the ones who are not acquainted with difficult controls.


The game provides console like graphics on handheld devices. None of the gaming developers have ever been successful in creating a vast gaming environment like this one! The modeling of terrains, mountains, grasses, weapons, and characters has been done so well that it gives a life-like experience to the game. Also, as the game is new, lots of new additions are constantly made in the game, thereby giving users an ultimate gaming experience.

Vast Environment:

The game provides the users with an extremely huge 3D environment, which contains lots of secrets to be discovered. You can freely roam in this environment by walking, gliding, or you can also drive your way to the checkpoints. The vast environment not only allows you a hiding place from your enemies, but also provides shelter to your opponents.

Battle Royale:

The game will provide you with a completely different Battle Royale experience as you have to face 120 enemies together at a time. Here you can either form a team of allies, which will help to destroy your enemies, or you can play the game alone, without anyone’s help. In order to survive in this situation, you not only require skills but also require pure instincts.

Safe Zone:

Earlier in the game, you could roam around in the island and hunt down the enemies. However, now the gaming developers have introduced a Safe Zone, where players have to reach a certain marked area in order to survive, as rest of the island will be exposed to radiation. This makes things more competitive as all players have to reach the safe zone in order to survive. This will blow up their cover as well as their hiding positions.

Weapons And Accessories:

The best part of the game is that you get to play using lots of weapons; however, it entirely depends on luck as you have to scavenge in order to get weapons. There are different kinds of Handguns, Submachine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Medium Machine Guns, and Heavy Machine Guns for varied kind of players. If you prefer stealth then you can use throwing accessories such as knives, tomahawk, etc. or you can use the good old-fashioned hunting knife to kill your enemies. If you don’t have enough Diamonds or Gold to get the weapon you want you can always use the help of our Rules Of Survival Hack.


Listed Below Are Some Essential Tips To Survive In Rules Of Survival Game:

  • Remember that if you want to survive in the game then always stay at the safe zone! So, make sure that you reach the safe zone before the timer runs out or you will be killed. If the safe zone is far, try using cars as they will help in reaching faster.
  • Weapons are your only defense, so if you wish to stay safe then try scavenging for weapons at Sheds and Safe Houses. The chances of finding weapons in Sheds are more as compared to open ground.
  • Try to stay at the higher vantage point as this will give you a better view of the things around, which includes Enemy and Weapon Locations.
  • If it is not necessary then do not use bullets, instead use stealth whenever possible.
  • Use Rules Of Survival Cheats to improve the game.
  • Try aiming your bullets to the head as they will kill your enemies instantly and you will not have to waste more bullets on a single opponent.
  • If you are new to the gaming world, then make sure you aim at the chest and burst fire as the weapon recoil will do the job for you.
  • If you don’t have weapons or bullets then keep a low profile while scavenging for weapons as you will be an easy prey for other players out there.
  • If you see enemies killing each other then stay out of it till the end as you may get killed in the crossfire.
  • If you are confident enough then play the game as solo, or you can also choose to play as a group.

To conclude, ‘Rules of Survival’ game has acquired 4.5 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. If you remember and follow the aforesaid tips then you will surely excel at playing the game. Also, remember the most important rule of the game is that ‘there are no rules’! So, give it a shot and also try Rules Of Survival Hack as well!

Rules Of Survival Hack