Important Resources In Rules Of Survival Game

Rules Of Survival Resources

Important Resources In Rules Of Survival Game


There are several equipments accessible in the game and they are broadly divided into three: Head Gear, Backpacks, and Body Armor. As you keep progressing in the game, the levels of the equipment will increase. For instance; at higher levels, the gear will provide more protection and the backpack will have extra storage capacity. The main purpose of Body Armor is to reduce damage caused to your playable avatar. Some of the equipments available in the game are mentioned below:

  • Level 1 Helmet will reduce 30% of damage caused to head.
  • Level 3 Helmet will decrease 55% of damage caused.
  • Level 1 Armor will lessen 30% of damage dealt to body.
  • Level 2 Armor will reduce 40% of damage to body.
  • Level 1 Backpack will increase storage capacity by 150.
  • Level 3 Backpack will enhance storage capacity by 250.


You will come across innumerable types of weapons in Rules Of Survival game. They can be found in random locations and in Supply Crates. The various weapons are broadly divided into the following:

  • Melee Weapons: Some examples of Melee Weapons are Crowbar, Fists, Rubber Chicken, etc.
  • Throwable Weapons: Grenade, Stun, Smoke, etc. are some of its examples.
  • Ranged Weapons: They are further classified into – Handguns, Submachine Guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Assault Rifles. Some examples are M249, AKM, M870, Barrett, etc.


Attachments will let you extend and boost your weapons. There are several attachments accessible in the game, which are broadly classified into five groups:

  • Muzzle: There are numerous kinds of muzzles and some of them provide features such as reducing shot noise, increasing firing rate, reducing shot spread, eliminating muzzle flash, etc.
  • Grips: Grips can reduce ‘h’ and ‘v’ recoil as well as increase open scope speed. You can consider using Triangle Grip and Vertical Foregrip to enhance your gameplay.
  • Stock: If you want to reduce shotgun reload time or ‘h’ and ‘v’ recoil then you should consider using M4 Stock, SR Cheek Pad, SG Bullet Loop, etc.
  • Magazines: They can reduce reload time as well as expand mag size. SR QD-Mag and SR EX-QD-Mag are some of its examples.
  • Scopes: Red Dot Sight, Holo-Sight, 4x Scope, etc. are some of its examples.

Goods And Materials:

Materials like ammo and first-aid can enhance your game completely. Some features provided by various first-aid materials are to restore 10 HP within 8 seconds, immediately restore full HP, increase movement, etc. Bandage, SR Ammo, Rifle Ammo, Sports Drink, etc. are some of the examples of materials and goods. To get all the resources mentioned you may need the help of our Rules of Survival Cheats.

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