How To Pick The Right Weapons In Rules Of Survival Game

Rules Of Survival Weapons

How To Pick The Right Weapons In Rules Of Survival Game

Keeping your gaming character invisible forever will not be possible in Rules Of Survival game. Also, punching your opponents is not going to work for long. Your strategies will work sometimes and for the rest of the times, you will need an appropriate weapon. There are innumerable weapons accessible in the game and among them the most powerful ones are the sniper rifles and assault rifles.

In the beginning, you will not be able to find the best weapons; gradually you will be able to pick good ones. Always keep looking for them and until you find good weapons, use the ones that you have acquired, carefully and accurately. You will come across several occasions where you can acquire weapons, so do not pick those that you cannot use in the game. For instance; handguns will seem to be a good choice; but, nothing can be better than an assault rifle. It is always better to spray bullets on the enemies rather than aiming precisely to shoot!

Listed below are some areas in the game map where you will be able to find good amount of weapons:

Rust Bay:

It is the area that is loaded with innumerable weapons and equipments. Most of the gamers are aware of the area, so you are certainly not going to be the only one reaching there. Before you actually head off for Rust Bay, ensure that you are ready for combat as acquiring weapons is not going to be easy. Search any structure you come across out there and you are surely going to find ammo, gear, and weapons + plenty of enemies.

Bitter Lake:

Bitter Lake is located in the center and is the largest area on the map. As it is laden with innumerable buildings, so finding weapons and equipments becomes a bit easier. You can hide behind the buildings and wait till the opponents come close to you so that you can take them by surprise. All buildings located here are filled with several powerful weapons, so you are surely going to grab some good stuff out here.

Training Base:

The Training Base is a small area, which is close to Bitter Lake. Here, you can easily find weapons as well as vehicles. Through the risk is high out here, so are the rewards! You should plan in such a way that you get in and get out quickly from the Training Base by acquiring some good weapons.

Other than the aforesaid areas, you can even plan to land on Safe Store and Research Edifice areas to loot some high-damage weapons. Wherever you choose to go for collecting weapons, ensure that you do not remain without weapons for a long time.

Your opponents are going to have plenty of weapons, so if you want to stay safe then you need to acquire some arms as quickly as possible. Make use of the above areas and obtain several weapons and equipments so that you can survive for long in your favorite game and if you want to make things easier do not hesitate to try our Rules Of Survival Hack 2018.


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