Rules Of Survival Guide: Will Make You Survive Longer

Rules Of Survival Guide: Will Make You Survive Longer


Gameplay Of Rules Of Survival:

Rules Of Survival is an engrossing online game where the only rule for you is to survive! You will be dropped into a deserted island with innumerable other online players. Your objective in the game is to keep fighting with other real time players and find your way through the map. At the end, you should be the only one left standing in the game. To make your survival easier and quicker, you need to collect numerous weapons and gears in each level.

Your First Step In The Game:


Your first few seconds of the game are extremely vital as you are reaching the ground with a parachute and you need to equip yourself with some finest weapons and gears. There will be many more gamers who will be performing the same task. So, you need to be real quick and witty.

It is advisable to set your parachute on automatic control rather than manual control so that you can reach down quickly. By controlling the parachute manually, you will take some time to reach the ground; but, will certainly be able to view the surroundings carefully.

If you want to acquire plenty of weapons and gears, then you should aim to land on areas that have several amounts of buildings and are crowded. However, if you want to run off from the dangers quickly then you should aim to land at sparse areas.

Play Safely:

Till the time you get familiar with the gameplay, it is advisable to stay safe by spending some time in a quiet corner of the map. This will let you understand the style and pace required for battling with the opponents.

Always keep a check on the radar map, which is on the top left corner, to see if there are any other players in the area. If you see someone, then you can either fight with them or run away. To come out of long grasses; crawl while staying vigilant! When entering buildings, stay low and if possible keep crawling. Remember to shut the door after entering a room or building so that the opponents get deceived.

Play With Friends:

You can either play solo missions or select a friend or a random player as your gaming partner. Teams can also be formed by adding several players. By forming a squad, you will be able to create several strategies together as well as protect each other from opponents. Remember, that you should not add many players to your team as they will make lot more noise and attract enemies.

Addictive Gameplay:

The gameplay of Rules Of Survival is extremely interesting and addictive. There will be over a hundred opponents within a map with limited storage capabilities. You need to fight with them as well as stay alive throughout the game. You can use all possible means for surviving and reaching the new level of the game. Thus, the excitement to stay strong and alive will keep you busy for several weeks.

Memorize The Map:

You will notice that there are various kinds of equipment scattered all through the map. By acquiring them, you will be able to fight with other players easily. You should memorize the map well so that you know where gears and weapons are accessible, and grab it quickly. Even while playing, keep looking at the mini-map in order to know where you are heading and can get familiarized with it.

Watch The Terrain:

Your move should be adjusted as per the terrain. If you are moving in tall grasses then you should keep yourself crouched or crawl through the way so that no one notices you. Open terrains will make you more vulnerable; so, you need to be extra careful at that time. Always make use of buildings, hills, etc. to hide and wait till the initial murder spree is over.

Your main motive is to avoid being seen to opponents for as long as possible because it will make you survive for longer in the game. Keep a track of the safe zones and use it often. Remember that the safe zones keep changing so you can automatically reach the bombardment zone. To be safer, you need to watch the map regularly.

Judge The Circumstances:

The circumstances in which you are, plays a very important role in the game. There will be situations when you are best prepared for the fight, whereas sometimes you aren’t. So, to survive in the game, you need to judge the circumstances and then decide if you should stand against your enemies or not.

Some of the ways to gauge the situation are by noticing the weapons that the players are using. Your headphones will help you in such situations, as you can hear the sound of the firing and understand the type of weapon that is been used by others. Also, try to figure out the equipment that is been used by others. Once you have come to a conclusion on all these aspects, then you need to decide if there are remote chances of winning the fight.

Looting Priority:

When you begin playing the game, you certainly don’t know when you are going to run into an enemy. So, the first thing to do is to loot some equipment and gears. It is recommended to first pick a helmet and a backpack. Helmet will protect you from getting killed in one hit when the opponent makes a headshot. So, to survive for longer, you need to loot a helmet first.

Backpacks will increase your carrying capacity. You will be able to carry several weapons in the backpack. Moreover, medical kits and other important ammo can be easily carried in it. Passing up such important gears just because you don’t have a backpack is sheer stupidity.

Understand The Psychology Of Your Opponents:

In Rules Of Survival game, an important aspect that you should understand is the psychology of your opponents. You enter a house to loot by opening the doors. If you do not close the doors back, then you are making your opponents know your path and area. This will make you vulnerable.

However, if you keep the doors closed and leave some loot in the middle of the room then when an enemy enters, he will assume that no one is in the house. You need to take good usage of this psychology and hide yourself in the bathroom or behind the door. It will help you to destroy the enemies without worrying about getting damaged.

All in all, Rules Of Survival is an adventurous and entertaining game that will keep you on your toes forever. The above guide will help you in surviving for long in the game. So, use it and enjoy playing Rules Of Survival game!

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